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Damshique Catering & Accommodation is a leading caters for the companies in the Oil and Gas Sector. At present we cater to over I 0,000 persons per day in different projects.
Damshique catering and accommodation service has pride in performances and integrity plus a level of commitment that comes from employee satisfaction and motivation. Our professionals are decided to providing clients with value focused service and results. The primary services we provide, either separately or as a turnkey packages are:-

Clean & Hygienic accommodation for company staff, engineers & abors.
All basic facilities provided in the accommodation units.
Fully furnished and un-furnished accommodation units.
Authentic cuisine served based on the employees' nationality.
Full Fledged Kitchen with State of the Art Facilities.
Indian, Filipino,Thai, Korean, Nepali& Arabic Cooks deployed to prepare homely food for different nationalities.
FLaundry Service for complete Work Force.
Housekeeping& Janitorial services.
Warehouse & Storage Area.
Other Temporary facilities if necessary.

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